We offer full service bankruptcy representation for individuals, families, and small businesses. Erich Fabricius is our primary bankruptcy attorney, helping all parties through the sometimes complex bankruptcy procedures. For more bankruptcy information, please also visit our bankruptcy practice website.

For debtors filing bankruptcy, we provide complete pre-filing counseling and aggressive advocacy through the petition process. We appreciate that bankruptcy is not the right solution for everyone struggling with debt, and always discuss other alternatives that may be available. For those filing, we are prepared to file under any chapter of the bankruptcy code, which for most individuals or married couples will be either chapter 7 or chapter 13. We also will represent business owners and business themselves filing for bankruptcy, and always provide a pragmatic assessment of one's options based on the structure and situation of your business.

Small businesses and occasionally individuals will find themselves a creditor in a bankruptcy proceeding. Such might result from money loaned, trade credit arrangements, outstanding claims or lawsuits, or other financial or legal relationships. We can provide a frank assessment of your prospects for recovery and can file all documents needed to preserve and advance your interests. Our firm does not represent any institutional creditors, such as banks or finance companies.

We are a firm that takes bankruptcy litigation seriously. Our goal is not to transform every bankruptcy petition into a quick file-and-done process, but to protect all of your rights under the bankruptcy code. The automatic stay and discharge injunction are important statutory aspects of the bankruptcy process that entitle you to be left alone and not harassed by your creditors. Violations by creditors can lead to damage awards in your favor. We will also represent defendants sued in adversary proceedings (bankruptcy court lawsuits) by trustees, debtors-in-posession, or other interested parties.

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