About Our Firm

Established in 2011, Fabricius & Fabricius PLLC is a family-run law firm focusing on the legal needs of families and small businesses in Knightdale, Wendell, Zebulon, and the greater Raleigh area. We endeavor to be efficient and cost-effective, providing each client with the most attorney attention possible. Individuals expect excellent customer service when interacting with businesses, and we believe the expectation is rightly the same for excellent client service when working with a law firm.

Our principal practices include bankruptcy, consumer litigation, wills & estate planning, and small business law. In today's complicated legal landscape, we are happy to speak with individuals about any legal problem, and assist them or connect them with another attorney of more particular expertise.

Our attorneys are proud to call Knightdale home. Erich Fabricius is a native of North Carolina, and previously lived in Wake County for more than a decade. Stephanie Fabricius has spent most of her life in the Wake County and Knightdale area.