Updated Bankruptcy Website

We are pleased to launch an updated www.eastwakebankruptcy.com for our North Carolina bankruptcy practice. Our new clean design is updated for an optimized experience on modern mobile devices, as well as larger screen desktop computers. Using responsive design principles, 100% of our rich content can be read easily on devices of most sizes.

Since it's launch in 2011, www.eastwakebankruptcy.com has grown to become a detailed source of bankruptcy-related information for consumers and small business people. The site presently features 48 attorney-authored detailed blog posts and database of frequent questions with 87 thorough explanations to common questions and concerns. All of this content is cross-linked and indexed by a 106 entry bankruptcy glossary.

As the site enters its third year, we look forward to continuing to expand the existing resources as well as adding new types of content. Bankruptcy can be a complex topic, and we believe that locally-specific detailed information can be of great value to individual contemplating bankruptcy debt relief.

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