Wills & Estate Planning

We provide a number of services in estate planning, from drafting to execution of your will, financial power-of-attorney, health care power-of-attorney, and health care advance directive ("living will").

Last Will and Testament

Having a will executed will allow your loved ones to know your wishes regarding property distribution, whom should care for your minor children if the need arose, care of pets, and other specific instructions you may have. Without this document, the state determines who gets your real and personal property--and this may not be in line with your desires. Having a will also removes uncertainty and possible conflict for your family and friends so they know that your wishes are being followed.

Health Care Power of Attorney

Executing a health care power of attorney allows your health care agent to know what health care and mental health treatment you do or do not want, your decision regarding organ donation, and decisions regarding funeral and burial or cremation arrangements. With this document, your health care agent is able to make decisions that abide by your wishes, rather than having to guess. In addition to having this document, you will want to discuss it with your health care agent so they fully understand your desires.

Advance Directive ("Living Will")

Executing an advance directive, if desired, will give your loved ones--family and friends--the peace of mind that they are adhering to your end of life wishes. This document indicates that you wish for life-prolonging measures to be withheld or withdrawn. You can indicate what circumstances must arise for this document to come into effect. Having this document takes the burden off your loved family member or friends during a difficult time.

Durable Power of Attorney

A durable (financial) power of attorney will allow a trusted family member or friend to continue paying your bills and making other financial transactions as needed in the event you are unable. You will have security in knowing that someone is legally permitted to take care of your financial situation.

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