Debt Collection Defense

Being served with a summons in a debt collection lawsuit can be an intimidating experience. Once the legal process has begun, it's important to promptly decide what to do. At our firm, we appreciate that the first step for most consumers sued on debt is deciding whether to do anything at all. We can provide you with information about your full range of options, including defending the lawsuit.

Any kind of debt could lead to a collections lawsuit. Perhaps the most common are credit card debts, medical bills, and deficiency balances from repossessed cars or foreclosed property. There's a great variety in lawsuits. Some are cookie-cutter complaints, others are carefully drafted for the particular debt. The debt may be one that the consumer simply cannot afford to pay, or it might be one that there is a dispute over the existence of indebtedness.

Legal costs may be a concern for debt collection defendants. While we can offer full service representation throughout a collections lawsuit, we also will provide limited representation on selected aspects of a case for clients desiring predicable flat-rate legal costs.

If you have been sued by a debt collector, you have a limited time in which to decide what, if anything to do. Getting help early in the process gives you the most control over your options.